Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Journeys at Pitt - GINIE

Besides, reading and writing and reading and writing and a few subs here and there, Tarun and I are developing a Global Information Network In Education - Part 2 to be housed in the School of Ed. Got it! GINIE (This one is out, Kristina). We are pulling together information, links etc, on the thematic areas of education including Emergencies in Education, for all those who need info on education. We are also setting up a help desk for those who want up-to-date info or how to access such info. We are hoping to tie this into wireless/mobile technology so you can reach us wherever we are in the world - Skype like. We are hoping to be able to give important info on Emergencies in Education particularly as these emergencies unfold to keep students, teachers and administrator safe. After all school are places of mass occupancy. Kool for a 40+ old guy. Wait till my 14 year old son hears this. I'll be the Koolest dad. Oh and we are also using GIS/GPS technology to get you right on the spot- a google-earth like thing. After all this is Pittsburgh - "Knowledge City" Ask President Bush. Did somebody say Boston or Los Angeles? Nah. Pitt is where it's at.

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